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Help With Retirement Planning

For those lucky enough to be taking their pension benefits in the near future we put you in contact with someone who can get unbeatable Annuity Rates for you to compare.

With such a variety of options to choose from, stakeholders, SIPPS, Company pension schemes, and annuities from the whole market, it pays to speak to an expert.

We only introduce you to fully qualified professional pensions experts.

Pensions are big news at present, more and more companies are failing to keep their pension promises. Many company schemes have or are about to change the way their schemes work, usually to the disadvantage of the employee. 

The self-employed are not fairing any better either. With pressure being put on the state pension, it is becoming even more important that you take an active interest in your retirement planning.

If you want a healthy pension in order to have a happy and comfortable retirement we can help you find out more on the thorny question of pensions.

It's heart-warming to know that pension help is at hand, as one fact about pensions is undeniable; the earlier you start saving the more comfortable your retirement is likely to be.

There are different types of pensions for different types of people and many different annuities available in the UK market.

You can opt for immediate, lifetime, deferred and fixed for a start. Each type has its own merits and will suit some people and not others. The immediate annuities are those that provide income to the holder in form of disbursements. The payments here are made on a single total sum. The lifetime ones continue as you might suspect for the lifetime of the holder.

It is bought with a lump sum of payment and when the holder dies any remaining payments remain with the insurance company.  We do suggest that this is not a time to deny that you could do with a little help. Fill out the Free Quote form and a pension adviser will call you on the telephone and will be able to offer as much help that you need.

New FSA Guidelines for 2013

From the 31st Dec 2012 there are big changes to the way pension and investment advice will be given. Though in truth it’s more to do with how you pay for the advice rather than the actual advice itself.

So here at pension comparison we’d like to give you a clearer picture of what these changes are and how they will affect you.

Cost of Financial Advice

Well in truth advice on pensions has never been free but you may not have noticed the true cost as it was taken from your fund as commission.

From now on you will agree with your adviser the charges he will make upfront and commission will no longer be paid.

 Clearer services

 The pension or financial adviser will make it very clear to you how much of the market he or she can help with, be it all possible investment options available or just specific areas.

If your pension adviser is fully “independent” this means that they can advise on all of the types of products that you could invest in. If they are not independent it means that they can only offer what has been deemed ‘restricted’ advice.

Restricted advice means that they either just specialise in specific areas, such as pensions or mortgages for example or they can only offer limited advice on a smaller range of products.

Under the new rules laid down by the FSA your adviser has a duty to explain to you what their exact status is in relation to these matters before conducting and business with you.

What this means to you

These industry changes are aimed at improving standards within the industry and making sure that you receive the very best professional advice.

Each adviser will have to meet higher standards of qualification, and also keep their knowledge up to date. So you can trust the fact that they have all the latest up to date knowledge before they offer anyone advice.

All of our advisers at pension-comparison have signed up to an ethical code requiring them to treat you fairly.

These new legislation changes should greatly increase your confidence and trust in the adviser who helps you as you will know that with commissions out of the way you have been recommended the product that best suits your needs.

It is comforting to know that the pension adviser on pension comparison will discuss with you fully the true cost of the financial advice you will receive so you are in a fully informed position prior to taking out a new pension or annuity etc.

Commission will be a thing of the past if you choose not to pay for advice in that way.

With the new guidelines on training and technical knowledge you are assured a higher standard of professional service from your pension specialist more in keeping with how you view a solicitor or chartered accountant.

To speak to one of our professional pension and annuity advisers please complete the enquiry form for a free quote and someone will phone you to discuss your options.