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Annuity Rates – Do Not Lose Out On Your Retirement Income

Here at we are campaigning to improve the online pension annuity rates offered to the UK public. So much money is lost my people not taking the full advantage of the “open market option” and also people that do use the open market option but do not get the best quotes available.

In our opinion for far too long people like you have been short changed by the pensions industry, but here we aim to treat customers fairly. For far too long the buying an annuity has been far too complicated and people have not been getting what they should in return for their pension’s savings.

For anyone who has paid into a private pension fund of their own should be worried that they will not get the best annuity rates available at the time when they look to turn their pension into the regular income for retirement.

It is estimated that in the UK well over half a billion pounds is lost to pensioners because they chose the wrong annuity provider when their pension matured.

As you know when you reach your selected retirement age you have to buy an annuity with the money in the pension fund. Before buying the annuity though you are first allowed, to take 25 per cent as a tax free lump sum.

An annuity is basically an insurance company “buying” your fund of you in return for a guaranteed regular income paid until you die. (There are far more options an choices than this but just for the purposes of the explanation we will go with the basics)

Where the problem lies is the fact that each and every insurance company will offer you a differing amount in return for your pension.

So for example you might get the following offers if you shop around.

Company a) £12,133 per annum

Company b) £12,989

Company c) £13,125

Now you have to buy an annuity from someone but at least you are free to choose, so in this example company c) looks a good bet.

What about company, d) through to company z)?

That’s the first big issue; most people shopping around only get two or three quotes and then pick one. Here at pension-Comparison if you speak to one of our advisers to ask for a quote they will research every single insurance company that is currently offering annuities in the UK today to find you the very best deal.

The second problem is even if you do search far more extensively there is another big problem.

Some companies do not treat their customers fairly and give them a deal that are not the best around.

There is lack of clear and transparent pricing by pension’s advisers at some firms (not here) and this is where the disadvantage to you can come about.

People retiring with pension funds worth below £50,000 are not in many cases being treated fairly. In fact a lot of “annuity quote” providers on the internet will not even give a quote to someone with less than £50,000 and actually advertise on the “Paid Adverts” within the search engines only for funds over £50,000.

The reason for this is the cost to the Annuity Provider setting up the plan costs around £350 – £400 and on a small fund size the commission earned is not high enough to re-coup these costs.

Impaired Life Annuities

Another big mistake that people make when they purchase their annuity is they don’t realise the importance of health and how drastically it affects the amount of money you are offered.

It is like Life Insurance in reverse. With life cover being young and healthy, non- smoker gives you lower premiums well will annuities being older and more importantly not in tip top condition health wise means you will get a better offer. Purely as the pension stops on death if you are a smoker they expect to have to pay it for less time so they can afford to offer more.

Also are you taking prescribed medication, or have you had a medical condition in the past. Are you diabetic, do you have high blood pressure etc., etc.?

Most people just get quotes from the pension companies they see advertised on TV such as Aviva or Scottish Widows buy what about the companies you haven’t heard of that specialise in these “Impaired Life Annuities”? Well here we have access to them on your behalf and our advisers will make sure that you get the best of quotes from the entire annuity market.

The data suggests that a lot of people simply do not bother to shop around, even though they will be financially better off.

What are the consequences of doing nothing?

Even though people are aware they can gain from shopping around on reputable websites like ours a huge number of people do not do it and simply take the offer made to them by the company that they saved the pension fund with in the first place.

Please be assured that the adviser that phones you if you complete the “Free Quote” Enquiry Form will be open and honest and offer a really transparent breakdown of all you annuity options and choices. They aim to put you in a fully informed position so you can buy the best annuity possible to enjoy your retirement with.